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Hot off the heel’s of the iTunes movie store and Amazon Unbox, Wal-Mart appears to be planning a digital movie download service of their own. And why wouldn’t they, when movies off iTunes cost less at retail than Wal-Mart has to pay at wholesale for their DVDs. Wal-Mart seems to be getting into a trend [...]

ICANN’s proposed domain name agreement removes price restrictions from registrars on domain names. From the announcement:
Lifting of Price Controls on Registry Services. Following extensive consideration and discussion, each of the proposed new .BIZ, .INFO and .ORG registry agreements provide for the lifting of price controls formerly imposed on the pricing of registry services. However, in [...]

We all know now about the AOL search debacle now, but there have been many more than that in the past century. Wired News has collaborated a list of them, many of which we don’t even think all that much of today. For example, the creation of the social security number is number 1 on [...]

The parents of Davis Wolfgang Hawke, a spammer against whom AOL won a $12.8 million lawsuit against, are none too happy about AOL’s treasure hunt on their property. From the article:
That’s not sitting well with Hyman and Peggy Greenbaum. Peggy Greenbaum says the couple had nothing to do with spamming and can’t believe that their [...]

This is a hilarious 2 part spoof training video for Microsoft UK employees. It features Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant from the BBC version of The Office.

No we’re not talking about the movie, we’re talking about actual snakes on a plane. You officially cannot have snakes on a plane now. The TSA has banned passengers from having snakes on a plane due to an increase in the snake threat level (yes, apparently there’s actually a snake threat level). From the article:

Protecting [...]

Yeah, that’s right folks. The company that prides itself on it’s mantra of “do no evil” now wants to control how you use the Google term. As you may or may not know, the verb “google” has now entered Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. Google is not at all happy about this, and does not want [...]

You read it right. 5 people in India died jumping into a dry well trying to save an injured pigeon. The first one was a young boy, and the remaining 4 were people trying to save him. Now I can understand why the young boy would jump in to try and save the bird, he [...]

No offense to the people in charge of this production (chances are you were probably forced to make this at gunpoint), but I think that Appalachian State University applications have probably dropped significantly since the introduction of this video, as it seems to convey the message that going there will make you lose at life.

YouTube [...]

These are some amazing photos. My personal favorites are the picture two planes colliding and the picture of the bunch of funnel clouds spawning, but they are all really amazing photos. Some of the explosion photos are pretty cool too. If you’re interested in photos of big things being destroyed, these are definitely some of [...]