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The Nintendo Wii will have free online gaming. And seeing the good job Nintendo did with this on the DS, I’m sure it will be good too. It sure beats having to pay for it anyway. For this, Nintendo recieves tonight’s Merit Badge.
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Traditionally, social networking sites have had a fragile business model because of the relative ease at which a social network can be switched. As such, these sites have historically been closed, leaving developers with nothing to work with. Until now that is. Facebook, the college social networking site has just released a public API to [...]

Over at FiringSquad, they have a discussion on what Microsoft presented at Gamefest. Several new products were announced, including:

HD DVD (we knew about this already)
Force feedback steering wheel
The Vision camera
A wireless adapter allowing you to use your Xbox 360 controller on the PC.

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It’s funny. If you’d asked me before today, Microsoft would have most likely got the first Razor Blade instead of the first Merit Badge. But, today is different. Microsoft actually did something right today. Something that actually has a benefit to people besides Microsoft (at least on the surface anyway). Microsoft announced the release of [...]