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How a bump key works (part 1)

Engadget is running a multipart piece on bump keys and how they work in detail. This explains all the physics behind why a specially cut key can open any mechanical lock it fits in with a little bit of applied force (the bump key for Kwikset locks and a kinetic energy tool are shown above). [...]

A new stem cell harvesting technique has been discovered that does not damage the embryos which the cells are harvested from. Human embryonic stem cells are the most important stem cells that can be used for regenerative medicine because they have not yet been specialized. As such, it is important for researchers and scientists to [...]

The Time Fountain

This video is amazing. By projecting a strobe of ultraviolet LEDs onto fluorescent drops, a series of very interesting effects is created. Initially it just looks like a normal drop going down, but after changing the frequency of the strobe, it suddenly is suspended in midair. The suspended drop can still be interacted with, but [...]

Open any lock with $1 keys

The above newscast illustrates a technique known as bump keying, which as you might expect, involves the use of a “bump key”. A bump key is essentially a modified boilerplate key that can open any lock in which it fits by bumping it with a blunt object until it turns. Unlike lock-picking, bump keying takes [...]

People have been hard or soft boiling their eggs for years, but apparently it’s hard for some to acheive the desired consistency because they have to time the egg boiling. That’s where this new invention, the self-timing egg comes in. This egg has a special heat sensitive invisible ink placed on it that turns black [...]

Have you ever read a complex research paper and couldn’t understand what was actually going on? Well, this handy little reference here can help you figure out more accurately what is being said.
Dictionary of Useful Research Phrases

Death by Caffeine

Have you ever wondered how much caffeine it would actually take to kill you? Apparently 114 brewed cups of coffee is what it would take to kill me.
Energy Fiend ยป Death by Caffeine