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GameSpot recently got a chance to play with a retail PlayStation 3 unit. Specifically, they tested the backward compatibility of the PlayStation 3 with existing PlayStation 2 and PlayStation games, specifically Gran Turismo 4 and Battle Arena Toshinden 3, respectively. The games both worked as expected, although no tuning was done to the image to [...]

GameDaily is running an opinion piece on why Sony won’t lose the next-gen console war. More specifically why they think Sony will win the next-gen console war. Unfortunately, I have to disagree based on the very same points they present.

Sony continues their PS3 ad campaign with 2 more ads. Both ads focus on the hardware, the first being on the Cell processor, and the second one on the Blu-Ray disc format.

Sony claims that the Xbox 360 is more expensive than the PlayStation 3 because a lot of what comes with the PS3 is optional on the Xbox 360. The basis for this claim is basically that the Xbox 360 doesn’t come with HD-DVD support, a wireless controller, or online gaming, and that with all these [...]

According to this commericial, the wait is finally over. Unfortunately, the commercial does not seem to in any way convey what the wait was for. I mean, I know the wait was for the PS3, because the end of the commerical said so, but take out that little ending and take the actual content of [...]

PS3 to ship with composite cables

Sony will not be including any HDMI or component cables with the PlayStation 3, not even with the higher tier model. This is kind of sad when you consider the price that Sony charges for the console, and the fact that the only real benefit the premium console has over the cheaper one is the [...]

The Wiire reports that GameStop and EB Games will be taking pre-orders for the Wii on October 13th. Given that there are only 1 million consoles being shipped to North America at launch, you might end up having to camp out for this one, given that with all the hype this console is receiving the [...]

South Park on World of Warcraft

South Park’s latest episode covers World of Warcraft, making fun of how serious it’s many addicted players take it. Trey and Matt really nailed it with the use of Teamspeak, gaming terminology (the first time I’ve ever heard the words noob or pwn in a South Park episode). They even throw in a Grand Theft [...]

The new trend in video game development seems to be to develop games in terms of short episodes instead of long storylines. This is probably due in part to the fact that casual gaming (meaning playing games in short spurts as opposed to long binges) is becoming mainstream. A growing number of casual gamers are [...]

US PS3 game pricing revealed

As if the the console’s high price wasn’t enough, Sony has decided to price the games at a higher price point than their competitors as well. Each PlayStation 3 title will sell for $59.99 US. That’s $10.00 more than the $49.99 price point on the competing consoles. Couple that with the high console price tag [...]