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600,000 Nintendo Wii units sold

Nintendo has managed to have a great launch with it’s Wii gaming console. There have been over 600K Wii units sold to date, significantly more than the other console that launched just prior, the Sony PlayStation 3. To nobody’s surprise, the top selling title (aside from Wii Sports which is bundled with the console), was [...]

Sony to release patch for 1080i TVs

Sony is aware of the issue where the PlayStation 3 scales 1080i to 480p, and is apparently working on a patch in the near future. [Update: Sony may in fact be unable to fix the issue according to the Senior Director of Corporate Communications for SCEA. Bummer. See the original article for more info.] What [...]

According to Lezard Capital Markets, Nintendo is expected to deliver around 200,000 Wii consoles per week until the end of the year. This is definitely beneficial for Nintendo, which has experienced a Wii shortage after the launch. 200,000 units a week would allow them to reach their year end goal of 4 million consoles, and [...]

Nintendo Wii first impressions

As you know, Virtuoso picked up a Nintendo Wii at the local Best Buy launch. I had a chance to play with the console for a bit, and this is the impression I got from it.

Best Buy Windsor Wii Prii party

Over here in ice cold Windsor Ontario, the Corvillus crew are camping out in front of the local Best Buy, which, unlike some of their other stores, is happy to accomodate the console fanboys. As you can see, we have an elaborate hobo community set up outside the store. More photos after the jump.

So do you own a 1080i HDTV? Did you buy a PS3 to ensure you would receive the ultimate high definition experience? Well, Sony has a great feature for you! Rather than be forced to look at 1080p images downsampled to 720p, you get to enjoy the full 480p experience in all of its blurry [...]

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Wii trailer

Yet another Wii trailer. Every time I see one of these it makes me more excited for the console. The Wii control scheme just looks more interesting every time I see it.
[via Go Nintendo]

As you have probably already heard many times from Sony’s hype machine, one of the major features of the PlayStation 3 is it’s backwards compatibility. The idea is that you’ll be able to insert any PlayStation or PlayStation 2 game and the PS3 will run it natively without trouble.
That’s how it works in theory anyway. [...]

Sony’s Phil Harrison claims that the company had “overreached” with it’s decision to include Blu-ray in the PS3 at launch. From the Eurogamer article:

Referring to the shortages of blue diodes that forced Sony to postpone the console’s European launch until March, Harrison told Eurogamer’s Rob Fahey, “we have overreached in production of the Blu-Ray component [...]

1UP pulls Neverwinter Nights 2 Review

After oddly being the only publication giving the game a low rating of 5/10, it turns out that 1UP has now decided to pull their review. Typically, it’s a rule of thumb to never pull content from any kind of on-line publication (whether it be a magazine, blog, news site, or other general information site), [...]