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Shopping cart sculptures

Artist Ptolemy Elrington has created sculptures from shopping carts in order to promote RiverCare, a british organization devoted to cleaning up the rivers. Apparently, all of the shopping carts used in the sculptures were among the trash recovered from rivers.
More photos here [Flickr via Make]

Hot off the heel’s of the iTunes movie store and Amazon Unbox, Wal-Mart appears to be planning a digital movie download service of their own. And why wouldn’t they, when movies off iTunes cost less at retail than Wal-Mart has to pay at wholesale for their DVDs. Wal-Mart seems to be getting into a trend [...]

Amateur Illustrator is a new social networking website for upcoming artists. Now, before you write this off as a DeviantART clone, it has a number of features DeviantART doesn’t have, including:

Interviews: Illustrators can be interviewed by the site administrators and by other members. Interviews done by the site administrators will also be featured on the [...]

In Japan, turning mud into these shiny works of art is a major pastime among schoolchildren right now. Now, you can too. From what I read though, these things are a bit more work than they sound (although you probably should expect that considering how good the finished product looks). Maybe when I’m bored [...]

Snakes On A Plane exceeded my expectations. Going in, I figured I was going to be presented with a really bad movie, but I just had to see it because of the odd naming. I was pleasantly surprised to find the movie very entertaining, with plenty of both action and comedic value. Samuel L. [...]

This is simply amazing. Someone built a replica of the entire city of Venice out of Legos. I wonder which Legoland this is?
More pictures here: Fresh Pics: Amazing Lego Art In Legoland [via Fark]