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An interesting little site just came up on Digg which caught my attention. Its a very simple concept. Sign up, post a question and others post answers. Its really easy to use and users generally respond really really fast. For example I posted the sample question:
“What is the best blog”… hoping to get Corvillus.
The answer [...]

A delay on 802.11n

No surprise here. In fact its never really a surprise when things get delayed these days. It seems that we will have to deal with 802.11a/b/g for a little while longer now. Draft 1.0 for 802.11n isn’t good enough for the big wigs at IEEE so they are pushing for a Draft 2.0. Which really [...]

Sands of time :: A simple countdown

I am not refering to Prince of Persia here, instead this title is in reference to the latest of the Nintendo Wii rumours. The rumour mill across the Interweb claims to have revealed part of Nintendo’s launch strategy: installing clocks counting down to the launch of the Nintendo Wii. Where will these clocks be installed? [...]

I have been following Xbox/DirectX New Generation Architecture (XNA) Studio development for a while now. Ever since its announcement at the GDC it has always been something I kept in the back of my mind. Well the big news for today is the announcement of XNA Game Studio Express. Basically it allows students, indie developers, [...]

I came across an article today regarding wireless connectivity in schools. I wouldn’t usually post such articles here mainly because I tend to stick to gaming related issues or things that just need to be read, but since wireless in schools is my profession I felt I had a few things to talk about. I [...]

PS3 Launch Titles

Earlier in the day you saw my post about the Wii Launch Titles. Well now posted a long list of PS3 titles as well. Now before I go any further I will state that my interest in both consoles is through the roof. However, I would own a Wii much sooner than a [...]

While everyone else is discussing DirectX 10, the folks over at Elite Bastards are one step ahead of the game, for better or worse. They have written up an article which explains what Direct X 10.1 will bring us. It’s a pretty good read for those who are new to DirectX technology and really have [...]

Wii Launch Titles

HEXUS has released a nice precompiled list of all the expected Wii launch titles. Now if you are as excited for the Wii as I am you will surely find this link interesting. The article includes every game announced to date with screenshots attached (says them). In fact its a pretty good view if you [...]


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