Sony to release patch for 1080i TVs

Sony is aware of the issue where the PlayStation 3 scales 1080i to 480p, and is apparently working on a patch in the near future. [Update: Sony may in fact be unable to fix the issue according to the Senior Director of Corporate Communications for SCEA. Bummer. See the original article for more info.] What I find annoying about the whole thing is that they blame the consumer for having a TV that is too old.

“A small number of older High Definition television sets found in the United States only have 1080i inputs for HD signals. Those televisions will currently only play some PS3 titles at 480p resolution. PS3 games render images at either 720p or 1080p for High Definition, and you need 720p input on the TV to play select games that do not support 1080p. This is an issue on the side of the individual television sets, which do not accept 720p input, so when a game outputs an HD signal only at 720p, these select TVs have to display the game at 480p instead.”

Is there any valid reason why the PS3 shouldn’t be able to output 1080i? HDTV in general isn’t that old, at least as far as widespread adoption is concerned. The Xbox 360 did 1080i fine, so I don’t see any valid reason why the PS3 shouldn’t have supported this in the first place, and I get the feeling it would have probably gone unnoticed if it weren’t for the bad publicity Sony received over the issue.

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