Windows Vista RTM cracked (sort of)

Windows Vista

Not even available to beta testers, developers, or volume license subscribers yet, the pirates have already managed to get their hands on Microsoft’s soon to be released operating system, Windows Vista. Not only that, they have also devised a workaround to get unlicensed copies of the OS to run, which is essentially a spit in the face to Microsoft, who are trumpeting the difficulty of cracking it.

The workaround for the anti-piracy measures involves the use of validation code from the beta releases instead of the stock code, then using the beta key to activate. Since activation is still required, and the beta keys are already known, it should be trivial to block them and require reactivation. So I don’t really expect this particular crack to stick around for all that long.

Vista RTM cracked by pirates before release [APC Magazine via CrunchGear]

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