As you have probably already heard many times from Sony’s hype machine, one of the major features of the PlayStation 3 is it’s backwards compatibility. The idea is that you’ll be able to insert any PlayStation or PlayStation 2 game and the PS3 will run it natively without trouble.

That’s how it works in theory anyway. Japanese gamers found out the hard way that it works very differently in practice. From the article:

Japan’s reports backwards compatibility problems for over 196 PlayStation 2 titles. This figure counts multiple versions of the same game (budget versions, limited editions, etc.) as a single entity and includes the full range of problems, from simple sound issues to more dramatic freezing issues.

In response to these issues, Sony’s PR department pointed out that it, from the start, expected backwards compatibility to be less than 100%. It was also good enough to point out that some people can put up with playing games that lack sound.

So basically, there’s at least 196 games that don’t work properly. Also, sound clearly is not an important part of the gaming experience. It must be true! Sony says so. Everyone, sell all your speakers, you’ll need the money to pay off that credit card bill the you’ll be racking up from that PS3 purchase!

Sony Comments on Backwards Compatibility [IGN via Evil Avatar]

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