Google AdSense for print?

GoogleGoogle is currently the king of online advertising. Between it’s sponsored search results and it’s AdSense publisher network, it currently commands the largest share of online advertising inventory of any company.

Apparently, Google isn’t going to just stop with the Internet though. It appears to want to be the king of all advertising, online and offline, as evidenced by this move into print media. Currently, Google is running advertisements from over 100 select AdWords advertisers on the print versions of 50 newspapers, including the the New York Times and the Washington Post. This is currently a free 3 month test, however Google plans to expand to more publications if this strategy proves successful, as well as take a revenue share from advertisers.

I’d be interested in knowing more about these new print ads. Are they text ads (which would like like classified listings appearing on content sidebars), graphic ads, full page ads, or fliers? Do they offer a combination of options? Will this eventually be available to all AdWords advertisers through the standard bidding system? And, how does Google plan to measure the effectiveness of these ads (or do they really have to)?

Google to broker print ads in U.S. newspapers [Reuters via Consumerist]

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