Googling is OK, but only on Google

I posted earlier about how Google was not too happy with people using the verb “to google” because of how it weakens their ability. Well, now Google has taken an official stance on their blog about the matter. Essentially what the post boils down to is that it’s OK to use Google as a noun referring to Google directly. It’s also OK to use the verb “to google” as a synonym for “so search using Google”, which is also how it appears in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. However, it’s not OK to generalize the verb “to google” as a synonym for “to search” directly; it can only be used when referring to searching with Google specifically. Well, it’s good to have the clarification on how to use the term now, although I’m not sure all that many people were using it to refer to searching using any other search engine anyway.

Do you “Google” [The Official Google Blog]

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