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Google Video tests revenue sharing

In a move to attract more amateur video publishers to it’s service, Google has taken a page out of Revver’s book. Google is now testing revenue sharing with Google Video members. The specific video being tested is the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment. This is definitely a good move, not only because it allows independent [...]

It turns out that there really is a reason why Apple states on their site that the MacBook Pros can only handle up to 3 GB of RAM. The reason actually has to do with the chipset on which the MacBook Pro (and various other laptops for that matter) run.
The Intel 945PM chipset that the [...]

Japan to recieve fewer PS3s at launch

Due to shortages in required components, Sony will launch with only 80,000 PlayStation 3 consoles in Japan. That’s 20,000 fewer than the original anticipated 100,000, which was by no means a surplus to begin with. I won’t get into too many details right now about why this is bad for Sony (if you really do [...]

Xbox 360 Dashboard update

Tomorrow Xbox 360 users will be receiving a fairly large Dashboard update. Several features were added, including

1080p support
Streaming WMV playback from Windows PCs (previously Media Center was required)
Zune support
Video playback from data CDs, DVDs, USB keys, and Xbox 360 memory units

November 2006 Update Features List [ via Engadget]

New Wii Trailer

Nintendo just released another promotional Wii trailer today. Much like the others, this one focuses on the innovative control scheme that the Wii has. Well, while there might not be all that much variety in the trailers, at least they focus on the gameplay mechanics that the Wii will have, showing us that gaming will [...]

Bully didn’t end up being the extremely violent game Jack Thompson was making it out to be. Instead, the game turned out to be relatively benign and earned a Teen rating, and is now on shelves. However, this isn’t going to stop Jack Thompson and his anti-Bully agenda. Not content with the fact that there [...] brings some further details on the PlayStation 3 hardware. The key point of note from their article is this:
The PS3 is a power hug and consumes around 380 watts of power more than double the Xbox 360’s 160 watts and eight times the PS2’s nimble 45 watts. So spending an average of 4 hours [...]

Xbox 360 fries eggs

I know the Xbox 360 had overheating problems at launch, but this is just ridiculous. This guy’s Xbox 360 overheated and could not play any games. No longer under warranty, he had no option other than to throw it out. But before doing that, he decided to see if he could cook his breakfast on [...]

GameSpot recently got a chance to play with a retail PlayStation 3 unit. Specifically, they tested the backward compatibility of the PlayStation 3 with existing PlayStation 2 and PlayStation games, specifically Gran Turismo 4 and Battle Arena Toshinden 3, respectively. The games both worked as expected, although no tuning was done to the image to [...]

I posted earlier about how Google was not too happy with people using the verb “to google” because of how it weakens their ability. Well, now Google has taken an official stance on their blog about the matter. Essentially what the post boils down to is that it’s OK to use Google as a noun [...]