Hot off the heel’s of the iTunes movie store and Amazon Unbox, Wal-Mart appears to be planning a digital movie download service of their own. And why wouldn’t they, when movies off iTunes cost less at retail than Wal-Mart has to pay at wholesale for their DVDs. Wal-Mart seems to be getting into a trend of following the leaders in the online space, with this and their attempt at creating a social networking service. That said, I also think they’re too late getting into the space, and I wouldn’t doubt that Apple will dominate, if only because it’s the only one that works seamlessly (Amazon Unbox is buggy from the reviews I read, and Wal-Mart’s service is going to provided by Wal-Mart, so there’s not too much more I can say there).

Sources: Wal-Mart, Hollywood eye digital movie downloads [CNN Money via TechCrunch]

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