Wii details surface at NYC event

Kotaku was liveblogging Nintendo’s US event. Various details were revealed about Nintendo’s upcoming Wii console including release date (November 19th, earlier than Japan’s December 2nd release), pricing ($249.99 US for the console, $39.99 for Wii remotes, $19.99 for Nunchucks, $49.99 for first party Wii games, $10 for N64 games, $8 for SNES games, $5 for NES games), out of the box configuration (white, with 1 Wii remote/nunchuck controller, and Wii sports), and Wii Channels (the new name for the virtual console, also includes an Mii (animated 3D avatar) channel, photo gallery channel, weather and news channels, message board channel, and an automatic updates channel, and an Internet channel), among other things. I’m looking forward to it, but the pricing seems to be quite a bit higher than anyone anticipated. I guess compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3, it’s still a steal though.

Liveblogging Nintendo’s NYC Event [Kotaku]

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