Over at ShoeMoney, a reader is suing a commenter for slander. That’s right, the suit isn’t for an actual blog post, it’s for something posted in the comments. I don’t really know what to think about this, since neither the post nor the comment in question are mentioned anywhere on the blog. But isn’t this overreacting a bit? Comments sections often are full of trolls who contribute little to the discussion and make posts that could be construed as slander or libel, but those comments are rarely taken seriously. Why should this be any different? If whoever filed this lawsuit wins, it could set a dangerous precedent that will allow money hungry people to sue forum and blog trolls with little reason (since claiming personal opinion is not a valid defense against a slander or libel charge). It will definitely be interesting to see how this case develops.

ShoeMoney.com Involved In A Landmark Blog Case - Slander In Comments [ShoeMoney via digg]

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