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US PS3 game pricing revealed

As if the the console’s high price wasn’t enough, Sony has decided to price the games at a higher price point than their competitors as well. Each PlayStation 3 title will sell for $59.99 US. That’s $10.00 more than the $49.99 price point on the competing consoles. Couple that with the high console price tag [...]

Hot off the heels of Dell’s Alienware acuqisition, HP has decided to join in the overpriced PC manufacturer buying party by taking over VoodooPC. Personally, I think these companies are trying to hard to cater to gamers, a demographic which has never been interested in prebuilt desktop PC solutions. Any gamer worth their salt knows [...]

The Nintendo Wii version of the Opera browser will be available free for download through the Wii’s shopping channel until June 2007. After that point, it can be purchased for a yet to be disclosed amount of Wii points. The Nintendo Wii version of Opera has the same support for web standards as the desktop [...]

Sony Computer Entertainment America co-chief operating officer Jack Tretton says that $30 million will be spent to deploy 15,000 PlayStation 3 demo kiosks at retail stores in the U.S. and Canada. Compared to the PS2’s 2000 launch, that’s 5 times as many demo consoles. Now, with Sony only planning to ship 300,000 units at launch, [...]

Shopping cart sculptures

Artist Ptolemy Elrington has created sculptures from shopping carts in order to promote RiverCare, a british organization devoted to cleaning up the rivers. Apparently, all of the shopping carts used in the sculptures were among the trash recovered from rivers.
More photos here [Flickr via Make]

Mackenzie has a portions of a transcribed interview with Nintendo’s Canadian vice president and general manager, Ron Bertram. While the vast majority of what he said was stuff we already know, one interesting tidbit turned up:
“We’re looking at a million (units) for North America at launch,” said Bertram. “When Sony came out (with their PS3 [...]

Why someone hadn’t thought of this sooner, I’ll never know, but now it’s finally here. A webcomic about web 2.0. Geek and Poke (a play on the old BASIC system calls PEEK and POKE) makes fun of the latest happenings in web 2.0 culture, including the top social networking sites, the blogosphere, and the most [...]

This isn’t really big news, but still handy nevertheless, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned them on this site before. My Two Cents has this article on several solutions for running Windows on your Linux PC, including dual booting, emulation, full OS virtualization, and API virtualization (WINE).
Howto: Several ways to run Windows applications on [...]

As you may know, one of the key features introduced with the new 64 bit CPUs is the no execution (NX) bit, which is a very helpful tool in preventing buffer overflows. What you may not know is that in Windows XP, this bit is not necessarily enabled by default. The PC Doctor has a [...]

If you’ve ever wanted to explain RSS to your technophobic friends, this is an excellent resource for learning how to explain it in terms they can understand. Which is a good thing, because it will get them to read your blogs more regularly, and probably make them more productive in their daily web browsing.
Back in [...]