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It’s a real Firefox

Ever wondered what a real firefox looks like? Well, here you go. This is the animal of the current Mozilla browser’s namesake, the animal that red icon is supposed to be. Personally, I think it would make a good pet. What do you think?
Update: Actually a real firefox or red panda looks more like a [...]

A new stem cell harvesting technique has been discovered that does not damage the embryos which the cells are harvested from. Human embryonic stem cells are the most important stem cells that can be used for regenerative medicine because they have not yet been specialized. As such, it is important for researchers and scientists to [...]

Cell phone technology has improved to the point where it is now safe to be used on airlplanes. But don’t get your hopes up yet, as many airlines will be banning the use of cell phones in flight because of the annoyance it could potentially cause other passengers. Airlines will also gain the ability to [...]

Worm sparks rise in zombie PCs

I guess the worm for Microsoft’s most recent critical security hole has finally appeared. Mocbot has already caused the growth in zombie PCs to increase by 23% despite only having been around since around August 13th. I guess it’s to be expected though, any time Microsoft has a new security flaw a worm isn’t too [...]

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass DS demo

Land of the Legend produced this 22 minute long video demo of Zelda: Phantom hourglass for the Nintendo DS. Like just about every other Zelda game to date, this looks to be a must-have for any true Nintendo fan (or DS owner in general).
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A violin that plays itself

The Virtuoso (not to be confused with our contributor) Violin is a self-playing musical instrument. It is a real violin, and plays the same way that a violinist would play it; no synthesizers are involved. It is programmed through MIDI, much like any synthesizer is. As you can hear, the instrument does a good job, [...]

Square Enix has announced that their 3D modelled Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy III will drop stateside on November 14 of this year. This is great news for all of the JRPG addicts on the go, as well as die-hard Final Fantasy fans who must play every Final Fantasy game that gets released (Final [...]

Stephanie Labrunie from I-Play claims that mobile gaming will overtake console gaming by the end of the year:

According to Labrunie, mobile gaming “is the definition of a true mass market; it’s not a niche market, as is console gaming.”
To support this argument, Labrunie pointed to the fact that 48 per cent of mobile gamers are [...]

Digg Mobile

This is a service for all of you cellular phone owners who just can’t get enough of Digg’s homepage. Digg Mobile is simply a compact version of the Digg homepage that is compatible with all cHTML compliant browsers. It displays 10 items per page, and 4 pages. That’s 40 Digg homepage links at once.
Digg Mobile [...]

If you’ve been keeping up with the news in the Linux community I’m sure articles about XGL and Compiz have been presented to you and you are now blue in the face because of it. However, it’s also equally as likely that you might not know how to actually install the software on your nVidia [...]