ICANN’s proposed domain name agreement removes price restrictions from registrars on domain names. From the announcement:

Lifting of Price Controls on Registry Services. Following extensive consideration and discussion, each of the proposed new .BIZ, .INFO and .ORG registry agreements provide for the lifting of price controls formerly imposed on the pricing of registry services. However, in order to protect incumbent domain name registrants and allow time for planning by those in the registry and registrar communities, the form of registry-registrar agreement proposed with each of the new registry agreements requires six months advance notice by the registry operator of any price increase in registry services. This is consistent with the notice period required under the registry-registrar agreement implemented with the 2005 .NET registry agreement, and the registry-registrar agreement included with the proposed new .COM registry agreement.

Basically, what this boils down to, is that registrars can charge whatever they want on new domains and renewals. For initial registrations, this is probably going to be a non-issue. However, for established domains, this would probably mean that their owners would have to pay an increased rate based on the success of their domain, instead of getting a fair renewal price. I’d suggest if you have any complaints about this, you better e-mail ICANN now at the relevant address from the announcement.

Proposed .BIZ, .INFO AND .ORG gTLD Registry Agreements [ICANN via Ken McCarthy]

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