AOL 9.0 accused of being badware

It looks like the latest release of AOL’s client software, AOL version 9.0, has been accused of being “badware” by anti-malware group According to the report, AOL 9.0 does the following:

  • Installs additional software without disclosure (Deceptive installation)
  • Forces users to take an action (Interferes with computer use)
  • Adds AOL toolbar in Internet Explorer (Makes changes to other software without disclosure)
  • Adds additional icons to default Internet Explorer toolbar (Makes changes to other software without disclosure)
  • Adds to “Favorites” in Internet Explorer (Modifies other software without disclosure)
  • Adds AOL Deskbar to the user’s taskbar (Modifies other software without disclosure)
  • Updates software automatically (Deceptive installation)
  • Fails to uninstall software completely (Unacceptable unistallation)

Interesting. So this is AOL’s new free business model, joining the ranks of the malware distributors. I wonder how long it will be before all the major anti-spyware vendors add AOL 9.0 to their signature lists.

Report: AOL 9.0 (free version) [ via PC World]

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