The State of Florida’s job portal has a user agent check for Internet Explorer and Netscape 6.2, and redirects you to a failure page if you’re not using one of those browsers. I guess this probably says a couple of things about them. First off, it says that they only want to hire technically inept people, if that wasn’t the case, they’d allow any browser. Instead they only allow the 2 browsers that nobody who really knows what they’re doing uses. The second thing it shows is that they’re just idiots when it comes to researching browser engines (something you should do if you’re building a site). Netscape and Firefox are both Gecko based browsers, and as such will render content exactly the same (barring stupid user agent string checking code like this of course). Oh well, I guess it’s not that big a deal, they’re not the only ones who do it (or even the worst case of it). For example, apply for a job at Best Buy in Canada, you have to use this portal which does not work in anything except IE. This is really funny because it’s a technology store and yet they clearly only want people who don’t know jack all about technology working there. Smart thinking. Actually they even one up the state of Florida in terms of web development stupidity and use a JavaScript redirect instead of a proper 301 so you get stuck on their stupid “Your browser is not supported” page because the back button doesn’t work. Oh well, at least for Firefox users there’s a way around this BS in the form of a Firefox extension which is available here. When will companies ever learn that IE isn’t the internet.

State of Florida job portal shuts out alternative browsers [Morph3ous's Weblog via digg]

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