A new stem cell harvesting technique has been discovered that does not damage the embryos which the cells are harvested from. Human embryonic stem cells are the most important stem cells that can be used for regenerative medicine because they have not yet been specialized. As such, it is important for researchers and scientists to have access to human embryonic stem cells. However, up until this point, there has been no way to do this without destroying the embryos, which has been frowned upon by many religious groups, and has been the reason behind George Bush’s veto of a bill in support of stem cell research. Well, now that killing embryos is unnecessary to obtain the stem cells, there is no reason why research cannot continue (and all the reason in the world why we can validly say Bush screwed this up bad). Now that there is no life to be lost, there’s nothing for the opposing groups to object to, and all the more reason to continue research and advance medicine (if only Bush hadn’t failed the scientific community that is).

New stem cell technique may help solve political, ethical debate [The Globe and Mail]

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