Google is a great company. They produce great products. They do great things. They tend to be very open minded. They are on top of the technology world. That’s why it saddens me to see this kind of behaviour from them. Google decided to be anal about the use of the word “google” today. They wish to change what has become part of our everyday vocabulary now, so much so that it’s even in the dictionary. They want us to stop using “google” as a verb, because it tarnishes their trademark on their brand name “Google”. Well, I decided to go and google “generic trademark” and I found out that Google is essentially fighting a losing battle here, if people keep using google as a verb, Google cannot enforce it as a trademark anymore, it becomes a generic word. While I can see why they are trying to stop this, it’s honestly a bad PR move, and just generally a stupid route to go to alienate their userbase, and for that, I award Google today’s Razor Blade.

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