Yedda: More than just a public forum

An interesting little site just came up on Digg which caught my attention. Its a very simple concept. Sign up, post a question and others post answers. Its really easy to use and users generally respond really really fast. For example I posted the sample question:

“What is the best blog”… hoping to get Corvillus.

The answer I got was: “Depends what your interests are. The inherent problem with blogseeking is that a blog is that much more interesting when no one really knows about it. My personal favorite is”

That answer came within 5mins of asking the question. The site also linked me to similar questions along with many links on the Internet that may turn up a proper answer. All in all I think the site is a great idea. Earlier today my cousin asked me what a .mdf file was. Well instead of asking me he could of asked the site. Of course google would turn up quicker results but this is a little bit more community based. By the looks of it it has a ranking system so you can weed out the immature answers. Very cool find for those who are looking to do some homework real quick and need an answer.

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