The future of indie game development

I have been following Xbox/DirectX New Generation Architecture (XNA) Studio development for a while now. Ever since its announcement at the GDC it has always been something I kept in the back of my mind. Well the big news for today is the announcement of XNA Game Studio Express. Basically it allows students, indie developers, corporations etc. create games (quickly) for both the XBox 360 and Microsoft Windows. I personally love third party games for the 360, its one of my favorite features of the console. Last weekend while playing Dead Rising on the XBox I was introduced to Geometry Wars, a visually stunning game with incredable gameplay.

So Microsoft wants everyone to be a game developer? I guess this could be both good and bad. Will we see the XBox Live community flooded with crappy flash game remakes or will we actually see some good third party support. Now I’m not a big fan of Microsoft however I can see the benefits this would have on the student community. Being part of the game development group here at my University I think it would be great to buy a cheap $100 XNA licence so we can quickly make a game and get our name out there. However, if everyone is doing the same thing the community will be flooded with names and we will just be another little fish in a big pond.

We will see come August 30th how well this project takes off. Only time will tell.

Read More: With Game Studio Express, Microsoft wants you to be a game developer [ArsTechnica, via BluesNews]

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