A delay on 802.11n

No surprise here. In fact its never really a surprise when things get delayed these days. It seems that we will have to deal with 802.11a/b/g for a little while longer now. Draft 1.0 for 802.11n isn’t good enough for the big wigs at IEEE so they are pushing for a Draft 2.0. Which really renders all products made using Draft 1.0 useless. Engadget says that a simple firmware update will fix those companies needing to update from Draft 1.0 to Draft 2.0, but I guess time will tell. Instead of a 2007 release of 802.11n we are looking more towards a 2008 release of the new standard.

For those who don’t know 802.11n boasts faster speeds (up to 600Mbps) and longer distance and permeability. Don’t throw out your old NIC cards just yet.

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