PS3 Launch Titles

Earlier in the day you saw my post about the Wii Launch Titles. Well now posted a long list of PS3 titles as well. Now before I go any further I will state that my interest in both consoles is through the roof. However, I would own a Wii much sooner than a PS3. You see, to me the PS3 is a console I let my friends buy, then I go to their house and mooch. I figure since I do that with the XBox 360 the PS3 will be no different. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m sure somewhere down the line I will eventually buy a PS3, but that won’t be until after I get well acquainted with my Nintendo Wii.

Now, back to the story at hand. Glossing over the 200 launch titles that the PS3 promotes it really puts Nintendo to shame in terms of sheer numbers. However as most of my professors say, it’s all about quality over quantity and I tend to believe it. With the recent drop of interest in PS3 games it makes me wonder how many developers will continue this trend. Over the past couple of weeks we have seen a major increase of PS3 projects being cancelled. In contrast, I have not yet seen a Wii project cancelled. It makes me wonder which system will hold its ground. If Sony can’t keep its developers interested in the console, what makes you think they will keep you interested? Of course, the link below doesn’t cover all 200 games, its simply a list, but it does cover the most important ones (*cough* Metal Gear Solid *cough*). Don’t let me convince you though, post your thoughts and tell us which system you will buy first.

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