Five die trying to save pigeon

You read it right. 5 people in India died jumping into a dry well trying to save an injured pigeon. The first one was a young boy, and the remaining 4 were people trying to save him. Now I can understand why the young boy would jump in to try and save the bird, he was probably too young and naive to know any better. However, I can’t understand why the other 4 people just jumped right in after seeing the boy get injured and trapped down there. I’m all for them trying to save the boy, but trying to save him using the same method he used is just a stupid idea. Common sense was clearly absent in this situation. I mean, wouldn’t it have been a better idea to just use a rope or something to descend into the well rather than jump right in? This would prevent injury from the fall, and more importantly, allow for exit from the well rather than just leaving everyone trapped there.

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