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The Xubuntu blog has a tutorial on how to change Flash’s user agent version so that you can bypass those annoying gateway pages that say “You must have the latest version of Macromedia Flash to continue”. I used it and it worked great for the sites I wanted it for, now I don’t have to [...]

How a bump key works (part 2)

In part 2 of Engadget’s “The Lockdown” column, Marc Weber Tobias discusses the security of various types of locks, which ones can be defeated by bump keys, which one cannot, and why. The article is a very good read if you’re considering buying a new lock, as it discusses which locks can be bumped (or [...]

ICANN’s proposed domain name agreement removes price restrictions from registrars on domain names. From the announcement:
Lifting of Price Controls on Registry Services. Following extensive consideration and discussion, each of the proposed new .BIZ, .INFO and .ORG registry agreements provide for the lifting of price controls formerly imposed on the pricing of registry services. However, in [...]

It looks like the latest release of AOL’s client software, AOL version 9.0, has been accused of being “badware” by anti-malware group According to the report, AOL 9.0 does the following:

Installs additional software without disclosure (Deceptive installation)
Forces users to take an action (Interferes with computer use)
Adds AOL toolbar in Internet Explorer (Makes changes to [...]

GamersReports has leaked Gamestop PS3 release date list. According to the list, over 20 games will be released at launch, all at $59.99. Of course, at the moment I’d take this with a grain of salt rather than accepting it as the final word.
Gamestop Playstation 3 Release Date List [GamersReports via EvilAvatar]

The State of Florida’s job portal has a user agent check for Internet Explorer and Netscape 6.2, and redirects you to a failure page if you’re not using one of those browsers. I guess this probably says a couple of things about them. First off, it says that they only want to hire technically inept [...]

Soap is a new pointing device being developed by Microsoft research which resembles a fluffy bar of soap. The device is quite simple: a wireless optical mouse with the casing replaced. You can make one yourself quite easily as demonstrated in the video. Since this device can be used off the table, it opens some [...]

How a bump key works (part 1)

Engadget is running a multipart piece on bump keys and how they work in detail. This explains all the physics behind why a specially cut key can open any mechanical lock it fits in with a little bit of applied force (the bump key for Kwikset locks and a kinetic energy tool are shown above). [...]

Yes, it’s true. Some idiots in charge of UK traffic control law decided to ban the Segway from British streets and sidewalks via an extreme interpretation of the law, making them completely useless for transportation purposes. The Segway is an electric scooter which glides along at 12 miles per hour. In metropolitan areas, it’s typically [...]

In the wake of AOL’s recent privacy debacle, goes to ask the question, just how much do the 4 major Internet properties (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL) know about you? The article goes into detail regarding the privacy policies, data retention policies, tracking, and overall risk of these services. They also sent these companies [...]