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This is the third Dell laptop to spontaneously explode in just over a month. This time, the victim was a man in Signapore and the Dell laptop in question is a Latitude D410. I wonder what’s going to happen first, will Dell finally do a product recall on their run of affected laptop batteries, or [...]

The Internet of 1993

This 1993 CBC news report is simultaneously humourous and depressing to look at now. It depicts a time when the Internet was some kind of mysterious place where people could freely share information, and connect to each other worldwide. One of my favorite mentions in the report was that the Internet was almost completely devoid [...]

One of the features touted in Microsoft’s soon to be released Windows Vista operating system is the new voice recognition software. Basically, how this is supposed to work is you say words that correspond to either actions you want completed or words you want to type. Unfortunately, right now the software doesn’t work quite the [...]

I’ve always thought that credit card signatures were a bad form of payment validation, but this is ridiculous. This prankster here decides to see how far he can go with credit card signatures before anyone calls him on it. First he just modifies his signature a bit for a more artistic look. Then on another [...]

Every time I hear about the PlayStation 3, it seems to have more and more strikes against it. Whether it be the high price, the dropping of originally planned features, or the fact that the hardware seems less likely to live up to the hype Sony put out about it, the console sounds less and [...]

JAJAH has an interesting web service here. You input your own phone number, and the phone number of the person you’d like to call, and the phone will ring on both ends. Once the connection is made, the call is free. However, there is a flaw with this service. A prankster could just as easily [...]

EB and Gamestop are providing an exclusive bundle of FFXII (which according to the site, ships on Halloween this year). It includes the game (obviously) packaged in a metal case with a Collectors Edition DVD, which includes the following extra features:

Developer’s Interviews
History of Final Fantasy featurettes
Final Fantasy XII U.S. Trailers
Final Fantasy XII Japan Trailers
Final Fantasy [...]

These are some amazing photos. My personal favorites are the picture two planes colliding and the picture of the bunch of funnel clouds spawning, but they are all really amazing photos. Some of the explosion photos are pretty cool too. If you’re interested in photos of big things being destroyed, these are definitely some of [...]

PC World has a column on how to make Ubuntu 6.06 - Dapper Drake (a fine distribution by the way), run well on old hardware. He mentions several good ideas, including some configuration changes to speed up GNOME or KDE, and how to install Xfce as a desktop environment instead. Personally, I’d take it a [...]

SitePoint has a very well written article about how to set up a proper test framework for your web application. They go through various types of testing, including best practices, general testing, security testing, accessibility testing, and usability testing.
The Ultimate Testing Checklist [Server Side Essentials] [SitePoint]